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Clampco T-Bolt
Band Clamps

Adjustable Diameter Clamps

Flexible Functionality

Clampco's Adjustable Diameter T-Bolt Band Clamps offer new functionality to the clamp market. The clamps provide a large diametrical adjustment range, which is associated with worm gear clamps, but maintain the higher strength of T-Bolt Band Clamps. This allows customers to order one rugged product to fit several different hose sizes or for use in several different applications.

  • Our clamps do not require expensive installation tools, and can be fastened with a simple wrench.
  • Clampco’s Adjustable Diameter T-Bolt Band Clamp is available in different latch styles.

Adjustable Diameter T-Bolt Band Clamp

Style A: This clamp style comes standard with a .75 in. wide 300 series stainless steel band. The diametrical adjustment range is determined by the number of holes punched into the band.

To install the clamp, first determine the proper setting for the application. Then simply bend the clamp end under the T-bolt and fasten the nut.

Style B: This clamp style comes standard with a .75 in. wide 300 series stainless steel band and is available with either a standard T-bolt latch or a saddle quick release latch.

The diametrical adjustment range varies depending on the number of slots that are punched into the band. Three punched slots is the current standard. See the pictures below for installation instructions.

Example of
Diametrical Adjustment Range (3 slots and 31/2 in. bolt)

Adjustable Diameter T-Bolt Band Clamp Examples

Quick and Easy Size Adjustments

Step 1: Select the desired setting for your application by testing the clamp at different settings.
Step 2: Slide the slotted strap onto the band clamp at your required setting.

Step 3: Twist the slotted strap into alignment with the band clamp.
Step 4: Secure the clamp assembly with the locknut.

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