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Clampco Products is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel T-Bolt Band Clamps, Spring-Loaded Clamps, Barrel Hardware Clamps, Worm Gear Clamps, V-Band Clamps/Couplings, and Strap Assemblies. We serve commercial and industrial companies in a wide variety of markets ranging from the automotive industry to the waste water treatment industry. Our ability to offer top quality products, engineering expertise, friendly customer service, and on-time delivery makes Clampco the best choice for all of your fastening applications.
We make it easy!
We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier than ever to find and request a quotation for the clamp you need. Just click RFQ on our standard items product pages, or use our made-to-order quick step process to generate a unique product code. If you are unsure of the clamp you need for your application, simply contact us and our friendly sales department will be happy to assist you. At Clampco, we’re committed to making your project a success.

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